Unleash the Party Goblin with Iliza Shlesinger

By Rachael E. Worthington

Unleash the Party Goblin with Iliza Shlesinger

Comedian Iliza Shlesinger, youngest winner of NBC’s Last Comic Standing, will perform at the Fort Collins Lincoln Center March 17. We got the scoop on what to expect and her advice on how to responsibly release your inner party goblin — the subconscious creature from her famous bit.

Your show is on St. Patrick’s Day here in Fort Collins and the Lincoln Center is hosting a pre-show St. Party Goblin Bash. Any words of wisdom you want to share for the potential goblins that may show up?
Iliza: I had no idea there was a pre goblin bash! That’s so fun! Best advice “Liquor before beer, never fear. Beer before liquor, steal a cop car and ruin your life.”

Will your party goblin be celebrating the “Wearin’ O’ the Green?
Iliza: Party Goblin doesn’t have to wear green because she is green from being nauseous all the time!

Your social media feeds are hilarious. What is your favorite social outlet and why?
Iliza: I think I enjoy Instagram the most, it doesn’t have the soapboxiness of twitter, it doesn’t have the dicks of Snapchat — people tend to be nicer on DM and I love that it has a stories feature because just because I want to share an idea doesn’t mean it needs to live on that platform forever.

Can you tell us a bit about your book, Girl Logic? Will any pieces from the book be featured in the show?
Iliza: Girl Logic is a book that discusses the maddening thought process many of us have to go to to arrive at basic conclusions about anything from work, dating, clothes to personal choices, insecurities and unabashed self-confidence. Nothing from the book is specifically in the show but the themes carry over. You can also do your own in depth look at my book by… Reading it. Or listening to it… On Audible… Where I narrate it. 

Are there any themes the audience can expect from the Fort Collins show?
Iliza: Three words: Relatable. Whimsical. Baby Leg. Come see for yourself. 

How has your comedy style evolved since you started working on your talk show Truth & Iliza?
Iliza: I am always thinking of new ways to make my point, to invite people into my mind and my thoughts, be they feminist, honest, outlandish or crazy. I think every show you see the stand up evolved a little bit. And you know what helps the stand up grow the best, in the moment? A good audience. That’s why I’m coming to Colorado!

Shlesinger performs at the Lincoln Center at 7:30 p.m. Tickets start at $29.50 and are available here.

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