Think Green, Act Green

By Rachael E. Worthington

Think Green, Act Green

The Lincoln Center (LC) underwent a massive retrofit and expansion in 2010/11. During the remodel, a green initiative was put in place ensuring the use of sustainable building practices.

That initiative resulted in the LC becoming a LEED Gold certified building, which, at the time, was one of only three performance venues in the country to hold the prestigious designation. LEED is an internationally recognized building certification that stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

The 2010 Lincoln Center renovations “set the stage” for an 80–85% waste reduction, and new standards in energy efficiency and green operations.

The Green Seal, U.S. EPA Energy Star, and the Rocky Mountain Green Venue Partnerships are other organizations and certifications that the LC is involved with and committed to.

Here are few ways the Lincoln Center conserves:

• Energy-saving lighting design — windows provide much of the daytime lighting, reducing energy consumption by 22%

• Water-conserving toilets that reduce water usage by 43.9%

• Through PrintReleaf membership, a reforestation project, 261 trees have been planted to offset paper consumption from brochures and posters

• All in-office printing is done on 30% post-consumer recycled paper

• Only Green Seal approved cleaning products used building-wide to reduce the number of chemicals introduced to the water system

• Single-stream recycling and composting are utilized throughout the facility

• All grass clippings are collected and composted through the City of Fort Collins compost facility

• Caterers are contractually obligated to participate in recycling and compost programs

• All batteries ad lightbulbs are collected and recycled.

• There are bike rack locations at all entrances and reserved parking spaces for low-emitting vehicles.

• To preserve air quality, smoking is not permitted on the grounds, and the LC supports the City of Fort Collins’ Breathe Easy anti-idling campaign by encouraging vendors to turn off their engines when loading and unloading.

• Flooring free of volatile organic compounds; the carpeting meets the Green Label Plus program.

Here at the Lincoln Center, we “Think Green, Act Green” every day in both big and small ways. Guess we could say, “green suits us.”

For more information on sustainability efforts in the City of Fort Collins, please visit their website here.

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