The LC Art Gallery: The Right to Herself

By The Lincoln Center

The LC Art Gallery: The Right to Herself

The Right To Herself exhibition celebrates the 100th anniversary of the passing of the 19th Amendment—its complicated promise of human rights, liberty and equity—and the search for agency through diverse works of art. This free exhibition reflects on Women’s Suffrage and the vote as a promise for agency and voice within society, and its relationship to diverse communities. In featuring these themes, the exhibition will recall, reclaim, and reimagine the power of women from different racial, ethnic, and class-based histories in front of the lens and rectify their lacking presence within photography and art history.

The exhibition is organized by the Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins. It is exhibiting jointly at The Lincoln Center Art Gallery and the Clara Hatton Gallery at the CSU Visual Arts Building, be sure to visit both galleries to see the full exhibition. 

The Right to Herself exhibition is now open in The Lincoln Center Art Gallery by reservation, 12–3 pm, Tuesday–Friday, through November 28. There will be a virtual Closing Reception Tuesday, November 24, 5–6 pm.

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