The Colors of Community

By The Lincoln Center

The Colors of Community

The Colors of Community exhibition features four Colorado artists who work in a large variety of scales. Pieces in this exhibit range from thirteen inches to thirteen feet. The works also cross different media, including painting, collage, and printmaking to name a few.

While these artists share many similarities, the strongest is their use of color. All four dive into a wide array of hues, as they delve into their respective styles. Their color palettes often overlap, making the exhibit complementary from piece to piece. This exhibition breathes life into the gallery, and just like the communities it represents, it is bright and full of vitality. The assortment of styles and individual narratives makes this collection of artists’ works powerful.

All four artists are also muralists, a unique opportunity for two-dimensional artists to engage with their communities. Murals yield a special opportunity for community participation, activating spaces like schools and public areas engage individuals during the process of creation, and long after.

The Colors of Community is on exhibit now through February 22.

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