See The Illusionists Before They Disappear

By Ryan Hayworth

See The Illusionists Before They Disappear

What do you get when you put together six world-class magicians? A mind-blowing experience from The Illusionists that you don’t want to miss at The Lincoln Center April 9-10!

Full of death-defying stunts, acts of breathtaking wonder and mischievous tricksters, The Illusionists Live from Broadway features the jaw-dropping talents of six of the most brilliant magicians in the world today.

One of these is The Sorceress Sabine, who is the first woman to star in the show. We caught up with her while she was touring Europe with The Illusionists.

Fresh off the Now You See Me tour where she played one of the Four Horsemen, Sabine has been described as “one of the most extraordinary and talented performers in magic” with her amazing performances, escapes, illusions and mind games.

Sabine says that Fort Collins “can look forward to a big variety of magic skills” and not just the typical card tricks or “the rabbit out of the hat.”

She also encourages the whole family to attend “because there’s something for everyone! We have danger. We have mindreading and we also don’t forget the little ones, of course.”

“It’s a great evening out that is not finished the moment you walk out the door,” says The Sorceress. The Illusionists will leave you asking yourself, “How did they do that?” long after the performance is over.

This is a show that delivers genuine moments of wonder, discomfort, and a delightful feeling that maybe there really is magic in the world. More importantly, Sabine hopes that people see that what seems impossible in their normal everyday life might not be at all.

“Our goal is to make you believe in magic again,” says Sabine, and The Illusionists will make you do just that.

Come see The Illusionists April 9-10 before they disappear! Seats from $20 at

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