Remembering Jack Curfman

By The Lincoln Center

Remembering Jack Curfman

For almost 40 years, The Lincoln Center was fortunate to have gallery exhibitions designed by the legendary Jack Curfman. We are sad to share that Jack recently passed away of natural causes at the age of 95. We will forever miss his innovative ideas and creative gallery designs along with his sweet disposition and generosity that he was able to share with the Fort Collins community.

Jack Curfman started working with The Lincoln Center even before the building opened. He had an extraordinary talent for designing a gallery experience that allowed the viewer to get the most from the artworks on display and brought out the best in the art. He had an intensely curious eye that caught all the details, finding relationships between artworks that were often entirely unrelated and would have been overlooked by other less searching eyes.

Jack designed art exhibitions throughout the region for over 50 years including the Denver Art Museum, Colorado State University and around Fort Collins. An internationally-recognized exhibit designer, he was recognized for his talents by the Bonfils-Staton Foundation in the Arts, the Denver Art Museum and the Governor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts. Jack also had a remarkable career teaching at Colorado State University. One of Colorado State University’s prominent art galleries bears the Curfman name. 

We are grateful for the decades we had with Jack Curfman, and our hearts go out to those who loved him. He will be deeply missed.


Vixtoria May 7, 2020 14:32 PM
Jack brought love, laughter and creativity everywhere he went. He made it possible for countless students to attend CSU and opened the eyes and hearts of faculty and staff as well. He is greatly missed. He is an honoree in CSU’s Legacies Project. You can read about his life and watch a video of Jack telling his own story here.
Betty May 7, 2020 16:04 PM
I always look forward to the many diverse entertainment options and experiences you have to offer each year. This past year, I enjoyed the National Geographic series, in particular. I look forward to seeing what is in store for us in 2020!
Louise May 7, 2020 18:01 PM
Jack had a wonderful memory, too. He always called me Nellie Forbush (South Pacific) and I played that role 50 years ago. Yes, he will be deeply missed by many people.
Jeanne May 8, 2020 12:58 PM
It was my great pleasure to work with Jack both at the Fort Collins Museum of Contemporary Art (now MOA/FC) and at the Lincoln Center Art Gallery. I learned so much from this dear man and truly enjoyed getting to know him and listen to his stories over the years. He was a Fort Collins treasure and will be missed by so many people and organizations.
Bob May 9, 2020 11:27 AM
Jack was my design class instructor at CSU. He really made me question myself and look at all things in a different light. The most memorable experience was in the Leopold Museum In Vienna and the two of us going thru the secessionist collection, primarily Schiele and Klimt.
Denise May 9, 2020 12:04 PM
A gentle soul, an incredible talent, Jack was a giver and a lover. With a quiet, unassuming smile, he brought beauty to our entire community. Oh, what the world would be if there were more Jacks with us!
Peter May 9, 2020 13:16 PM
We are so blessed to have know Jack and to have worked with him at CSU and to live in a home designed by him (The Clover House - 1966). When we purchased it it 1990 Jack consulted with us on its renovation and expansion. So, we live with and enjoy Jack Curfman's design every day. As Chair of the CSU Department of Art and Art History and Director of the University's Visiting Artist and Exhibitions Program (1978-86) it was my great pleasure to work with Jack as he designed exhibitions for many world recognized artist such as And Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Red Grooms, Wilhelm de Kooning, Roy Lichtenstein and many others. Rauschenberg told me, personally, that his work had never been displayed better than the exhibition Jack designed.
Michael May 9, 2020 18:33 PM
Jack taught me many things about hanging art thru the years

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