November Notes | LC Staff Picks

By Taylor Roberts

November Notes | LC Staff Picks

What better theme for the month of November than gratitude, gravy or good times? Enjoy these LC Staff picks about thankfulness, food fun and time spent with family and friends.

Read below to find out why our staff chose these songs then check out our Spotify playlist to listen on repeat.

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Jack had extra fun with our theme this month, so to kick things off, here are his picks:

“Let’s get literal.”

“Gratitude” by Beastie Boys

“Pure Gravy” by Deep Banana Blackout

Good Times Theme Song

“Be Thankful For What You Got” by William DeVaughn

“Seriously, though if there is a song for Thanksgiving I would go with ‘Be Thankful For What You Got’ by William DeVaughn.” —Jack

“Stand By Me” by Florence + The Machine

“My feel-good gratitude song is ‘Stand By Me’ by Florence + The Machine. I love this song and I love Florence’s voice covering it. It makes me think of love and family and never giving up on each other no matter what.” —Todd

“Thanksgiving Song” by Adam Sandler

“Totally dating myself here, but Adam Sandler’s ‘Thanksgiving Song’ is one of my faves! That early 90s SNL cast was amazing and each week my high school friends and I would soak in the show. Sandler’s silly songs usually became our spoof of the week.” —Victoria

“Bread and Butter” by The Newbeats

“Also, I’m throwing in ‘Bread and Butter’ by The Newbeats. What’s not to love? There’s bread. There’s butter. There’s heartbreak…which is a good reminder to us all to make sure we’re thankful for the good things we’ve got.” —Victoria

“Eyes of the World” by Grateful Dead

“A song for me that invokes beauty, bliss and togetherness from the very first note.” —Ben

“Turkey Lurkey Time” from Promises, Promises

“So the song is technically about Christmas BUT one of its main hooks (and the title!) is about turkey, and for me and my family, it’s not Thanksgiving without gathering around one!” —Taylor

“Alice’s Restaurant Massacree” by Arlo Guthrie

“This one is easy. ‘Alice’s Restaurant’ by Arlo Guthrie! It is a decades-old tradition for Carl and me to listen to it, usually on a local radio station on Thanksgiving Day as we are driving to see and celebrate with family.

We know all the lyrics, even using them as we joke in other times of the year.” —Deedee

“It’s not Thanksgiving at my household without my dad putting on ‘Alice’s Restaurant Massacree’ by Arlo Guthrie, an 18-minute song that is emphatically not about Thanksgiving, but a strange radio tradition. You can read about how it became associated with it here.” —Alison

“Thank U” by Alanis Morissette

⚠️: Video contains mature content.

“Beautifully sung. Beautiful poignant lyrics. Conveys a deeper, spiritual level of gratitude which can result in a personal release and liberation.”—Peter

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Soundtrack – Original Score by Vince Guaraldi Quintet

“I like the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Soundtrack. It is jazzy and is a great precursor to Christmas. I like it in the background when I am making the turkey, etc.” —Liz

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⚠️: Playlist contains songs with mature content.

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