No Trash Talk Here, We’re Composting!

By Rachael Russell

No Trash Talk Here, We’re Composting!

Looking around The Lincoln Center’s beautiful facility, you’ll notice we’ve implemented some subtle changes that are making a big impact on our community and our environment. These changes include slightly different cups served by our bars, the addition of new compost receptacles greeting you outside of our theatres and more specific instructions on how and where to dispose of your throwaway waste. Our latest initiatives will drive our facility and our City towards achieving Zero Waste, in alignment with the City of Fort Collins’ ongoing commitment to sustainability and waste reduction.

These changes are made possible by The Lincoln Center’s latest partnership with Colorado Compost, who will be helping us further our mission by carting away all of our compostable materials. We were first introduced to Colorado Compost when the company offered to provide their services for the City of Fort Collins Employee Holiday Party this past December. Composting for that event of over 1,000 people was a resounding success, and thus this cooperative partnership was born! It is now more important than ever that we dispose of trash items responsibly in their proper receptacles, and we need the help of our community to do it. Don’t worry, we’ll make it easy for you!

Over the past decade, The Lincoln Center has strategically converted all its service-ware to compostable products and has required all vendors follow the same guidelines. This significant modification means that when you grab your usual Shirley Temple from the bartender before your show, everything you have in your hand can be composted—from the skewered cherry at the bottom of the cup to the cup itself. And when you attend one of our Art Gallery Receptions in the lobby, the small plates you load with delicious appetizers can be composted right along-side any of the food waste. Whatever occasion you’re joining us for, remember to take a moment to evaluate what is compostable, recyclable, and trash. Examples of compostable materials include: food waste, napkins and paper towels, tea bags and certified compostable cups, plates and utensils like the ones you will find at The Lincoln Center bars. If you’re unsure which receptacle to use for a specific waste item, one of our dedicated volunteers or staff members will be happy to assist you.

Our commitment to sustainability mirrors that of the City of Fort Collins as a whole, and we are proud to further their mission with our waste-reducing initiatives. According to the 2019 Municipal Sustainability and Adaptation Plan produced by City leadership and the Sustainability Services Area of the City, “In 2013, Fort Collins City Council adopted community-wide goals to achieve 75% waste diversion by 2020, 90% by 2025 and to be zero waste by 2030.”  Objective 4.3.3 of this goal highlights a priority for City operations to reduce disposable waste, and more specifically, to responsibly manage waste originating from public spaces and public activities. This is where The Lincoln Center fits in. We are advancing this objective through our diligent waste diversion practices; including composting and recycling. As one of the first three venues of its type built to the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold Standard, we strive for continuous improvement in these areas, and you will see more positive, earth-conscious changes around our facility as time goes on.

Next time you’re inside The Lincoln Center enjoying a theatre performance or attending an event in one of our ballrooms, remember to look out for the compost and recycling receptacles around the facility. Feel free to ask questions, offer suggestions, and share our practices with others. Sustainability is a community effort, and we sincerely appreciate your support of our mission.

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