New Art in Public Places Artwork Installed Downtown

By The Lincoln Center

New Art in Public Places Artwork Installed Downtown

The Art in Public Places Program would like to invite the community to visit the newly completed artwork on Willow Street.  Artist Andy Dufford of Chevo Studios installed In Praise of the Poudre at the northwest corner of Willow and Linden Streets and Conveyance along the streetscape on Willow Street in the newly developed River District. This project is a collaboration with Art in Public Places, City Engineering and Utilities Departments, the Downtown Development Authority, and the artist.

Daytime view of In Praise of the Poudre

In Praise of the Poudre is comprised of four undulating granite columns that feature relief carvings of the plants, animals, insects and landforms found around, within, and below the Cache la Poudre River. This work celebrates the elements of a healthy river ecosystem and educates visitors about water quality and natural water systems in Fort Collins. In addition to the relief imagery depicting riparian ecology and geology, each stone column has an illuminated surface that evokes reflections on the surface of water. The four sculptural columns range in height from 8’ to 15’ and are carved from Carnelian granite, a beautiful red-toned stone. For each stone column, the artists hand-carved and removed almost half the original weight to create the beautiful undulating forms, which echo the many rhythms and textures of the Cache la Poudre River. The artwork is stunning, especially at night when both the sculptural columns and the plaza are illuminated.

Conveyance, is the artist created seating on the Willow streetscape. Located on Willow Street between Linden and Northside Aztlan Community Center it takes the form of three seating areas that explore the ways that the Cache la Poudre River’s water is conveyed from the mountain top into the lives of the citizens of Fort Collins. Visitors explore the nature of the river through a series of three interactive stops illustrating a canyon, a mill race, and pipes. A haiku accompanies each artwork to illuminate the unseen and sometimes underappreciated miracle of water in our lives.

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