Mix It Up with SHUFFLE

By Alison Baumgartner

Mix It Up with SHUFFLE

Music fans know what it’s like to hit shuffle on their iPods. For one song, it’s ’80s pop, the next is Mozart, followed by a little bit a folk, and then mathcore. It confuses friends because they can’t figure out exactly what genre of music you like. Frankly, not even you are sure what kind of music you like.

SHUFFLE concerts embrace this diversity of style that many music fans have. Their slogan, “You Choose. We Play,” says it all. This innovative chamber ensemble puts the audience in charge of the setlist at each show.

Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

SHUFFLE Concert was conceived by pianist, Eliran Avni, when he was listening to his MP3 player on shuffle at the gym and went from a Pretenders song to Prokofiev’s Fifth Symphony. From that, an idea was born and it led to one of the most unique classical concert experiences anyone can have.

No two concerts are ever the same. When the audience walks in the door, they are handed a menu of 30 songs and 15 different styles.

Do you want to hear Rachmaninoff as if it were done on Broadway? How about some Bernstein but in the style of Baroque? Anything is possible at a SHUFFLE Concert, which makes it an amazing experience for any music fan.


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