The LC’s New Year’s Resolutions

By The Lincoln Center

The LC’s New Year’s Resolutions

It’s the New Year, and we at the LC are making our resolutions! What are yours?


I like to keep my New Year’s Resolutions simple, shallow, and highly attainable. In 2018, I resolve to learn 4 new ways to tie scarves. The year starts out with an easy victory, and I can check my resolution off the list in week one. #winning


I resolve to take better care of myself! I experienced a few non-serious health issues in 2017 that might have been mitigated had I listened to my body and gone to the Dr. sooner. But in 2018, I’m resolving to kiss all of that good-bye and ring in the new year with a new focus on self-care. Massage therapist, here I come!


Play my trombone more.  It is a key to who I have become since I started in 4th grade and I need to have that creative expression as part of my life ongoing.



I’d like to really go for the gold this year, and learn to reply to at least one-third of the texts I receive. Also, I am going to make it my goal to go to at least 10 shows this year!

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