‘Jones’ing for an Exclusive Concert?

By Taylor Roberts

‘Jones’ing for an Exclusive Concert?

Known as a keyboard and electronica pioneer, Howard Jones brings an exclusive acoustic experience to The Lincoln Center on March 24. Howard Jones Acoustic Trio will feature Jones’ longtime friend, Nick Beggs (Kajagoogoo) on Chapman stick and Robin Boult (Fish) on acoustic guitar, delivering a fresh take on Jones’ best-known hits and more from his 30-year music career.

Jones’ 80s and 90s hits like “Things Can Only Get Better,” “No One Is to Blame,” “What is Love?” and “New Song” remain favorites with new album releases and remixes reaching new audiences today.

While electronic music remains Jones’ main genre, his musical approach has dramatically expanded and evolved during his career to include solo piano, string quartets, orchestras and choral music.

“I’ve always been very much for electronic work but I’m really a singer-songwriter at heart,” says Jones. “I like to go out and play acoustic shows to highlight the songwriting.”

Jones has previously performed acoustic solo shows, but the upcoming tour offers a rare chance to see Jones with two renowned musicians, including the world’s foremost Chapman stick player, Nick Beggs. To add even more cachet to the Acoustic Trio tour, it can only be experienced in six cities across the US.

“The Acoustic Trio shows are the only time the three of us [Jones, Beggs and Boult] will appear on stage together,” says Jones. “We are all very busy so this is a rare opportunity, which makes it special. It’s a one-off rarity.”

In addition to Jones’ well-known hits, there is a chance the audience may hear a sneak-peek from Jones’ upcoming electronic album, Transform, due out in May 2019. Transform is the second chapter of Jones’ four-part series that began with Engage in 2015. Listeners can expect the album and Acoustic Trio performance to continue Jones’ exploration of universal themes that affect the human condition.

“I’ve always had a message of hope and encouragement in my work,” says Jones. “We all have a lot of difficulties and problems to overcome in life. You never know what’s right around the corner, so we have to stay strong and keep believing in ourselves.”

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