Flying Off to Neverland

By The Lincoln Center

Flying Off to Neverland

Everyone knows the story of Peter Pan, or at least they think they do. But did you know there is an incredible true story that lies behind the fairytale?

Finding Neverland, which soars into the Lincoln Center Nov 8-10, tells the story of real-life playwright J.M. Barrie. Struggling to find inspiration, Barrie meets a troop of young brothers and their beautiful widowed mother who will go on to shape some of the world’s most beloved characters. With a little bit of pixie dust and a lot of faith, Barrie leaves his old world behind for Neverland, where nothing is impossible and the wonder of childhood lasts forever.

“The story of Peter Pan has always excited everybody, that’s why it’s been around since 1903,” says Conor McGiffin, the actor who plays the role of  Captain Hook in the nationally-touring production. “There’s just an idea of a boy who will never grow up that resonates with them. Finding Neverland is another way to explore that story.”

Based on the Oscar-winning film of the same name, Finding Neverland audiences may find familiarity with the movie but the musical expands on the story to make everything feel grander. “Everything seems bigger,” says McGiffin. “You’re able to put yourself in the heart of London, Kensington Gardens, or even in Neverland.”

“It’s about the power of one’s imagination,” continues McGiffin. “We all wish we could add something beautiful to the world, and that’s exactly what Barrie does.” The story illustrates that “no matter how bad your life may get, there’s always a chance for you to change it and to make an impact.”

While the show is magical and wonderous, part of what makes Finding Neverland so impactful is how it confronts real issues. “One of the most important things about this show is the way it treats kids,” says McGiffin. “The show is about the creation of Peter Pan, especially about the boy who inspired the character, Peter. It treats Peter like a real person, a kid that not only has joy and happiness but sorrow and loss.”

Add choreography from So You Think You Can Dance’s Mia Micheals, and music by the pop sensation Gary Barlow, Finding Neverland promises to be an enchanting ride. “All of those elements really come together to make a truly unforgettable experience about an unforgettable story.”

Come be a part of the magic and wonder at Lincoln Center beginning November 8. Tickets start at $20 and are available at

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