Finding Parking Just Got Easier

By Victoria Erickson

Finding Parking Just Got Easier

We know finding parking prior to performances here at the Lincoln Center can be challenging but now finding parking just got easier in two ways.

First, Blue Ocean Enterprises is once again partnering with the Lincoln Center to provide additional parking at 419 Canyon Avenue for patrons attending LC Live performances. These additional spaces are located directly across the street from the Lincoln Center to the west. Patrons may park at this location only for the duration of any LC Live performance. These performances are presented exclusively by the Lincoln Center/City of Fort Collins and are easily identifiable on as they bear the words “Presented by LC Live.” We’d like to thank Blue Ocean Enterprises for sharing these additional spaces.

Additionally, you can save time driving around searching for parking with the new FC Parking app. This new app, by the City of Fort Collins Parking Services, is available on iPhone App Store or Google Play and allows users to monitor and locate garage and on-street parking with ease. The app, which basically works in real time, can be used to display an easy-to-use map of parking zones around the Lincoln Center. The map indicates where individual parking spaces are available with a quick glance. Get the new app and get to your shows on time.

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