Find Your Groove: How to Pick the Perfect First Dance Song

By Rachael Russell

Find Your Groove: How to Pick the Perfect First Dance Song

Choosing a first dance song that is special, tasteful and unique can be challenging for a lot of couples. Unless you and your partner have had “your song” since you were dating, there may not even be a song that comes to mind when you think of your story. And with the wide array of music that is available at the touch of a button, where do you begin? Don’t fret: The perfect track is out there for you, and I’ve put together some tips on how to find it and some song suggestions to kick off your search.

So, where do you start? My first suggestion is to be authentic. Try to find a song that reflects your relationship. If you’re not a particularly sentimental couple, don’t feel pressured to choose a sentimental song. If you prefer to go against the grain, it’s okay to have different, ironic, or non-traditional music at your wedding. This song may remind you of your wedding day for years to come, so don’t be afraid to step outside the box to find something that really speaks to you and your partner.

Secondly, find a song that you feel comfortable dancing to. I often work with couples who are a bit intimidated by the first dance (“All eyes on me? While I dance? No thanks!”) That feeling is completely understandable. So, when looking for a song, find one that suits your comfort level. If you like to get fancy with the footwork, choose an upbeat jam. If you are at your best when you can stand and sway, keep the song slow and sweet. Both are great options.

Lastly, have fun with it! It may seem like there are rules, but there aren’t. Dance to what makes you smile, what you want to remember, and what speaks to you and your partner.

To get your creativity flowing, I’ve put together a Spotify playlist of my favorite first dance songs. Not only that, but I’ve listed below my top choices of songs for different couples. Enjoy! 

The Sentimental Couple:
Sweet Love by Phillip Larue

Couples who Survived Long Distance: 
Crazy Love by Van Morrison

The Fun-Loving Couple:
Stuck on You by Meiko

The Nostalgic Couple:
At Last by Etta James

The Disney-Obsessed Couple:
You’ll Be in My Heart by Phil Collins

The Couple with a Burning Desire to Recreate an Iconic Dance Number from an 80s Movie:
(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes

Rachael Russell | Conference Services Coordinator


Erika Oct 27, 2021 14:53 PM
In a few months, my cousin will be getting married. She wants to make sure she gets the perfect music. I'll share your advice to be authentic to her. Maybe she and her husband can find a live band that they both enjoy which can play the type of music they both like.

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