Exploring Mexico Through Dance

By Taylor Roberts

Exploring Mexico Through Dance

Direct from Mexico, Ballet Folclórico Nacional de México will showcase its country’s finest music and dance on The Lincoln Center stage February 9.

Tasked with the dissemination, preservation and promotion of the culture of México, both at home and abroad, this joyous company will be celebrating the 60th anniversary of its artistic career in 2020, continuing the legacy of México’s leading researchers and practitioners of folklore, dance, music and costumes.

“I think it is very important to show the world the cultural wealth and traditions that Mexico has through its dances, music and colorful costumes,” says Esther Lozano, Vice Principal and Company Manager of Ballet Folclórico Nacional de México. “Mexico is a very beautiful country and I am very proud to be Mexican.”

With mesmerizing rhythms and swirling colors, the performance showcases an abundance of traditional folk dances such as the “Jarabe Tapatío” and “La Bamba.” From honoring the legends of the Aztecs to celebrating their Spanish and African influences, Ballet Folclórico Nacional de México transports audiences across the many and varied regions of Mexico and invites them to share in its rich culture.

“My favorite dance is the ‘Jarabe Tapatío’ (The Hat Dance) because of its costumes,” says Lozano. “They’re very colorful and elegant. The women’s costume has a colorful sequin skirt and the men’s Charro costume is beautiful.”

Beyond the colorful costumes and mariachi music many associate with Ballet Folclorico, audiences can expect to take a deeper look into the culture of Mexico, including solo musician performances and barefoot dances that tell the stories of the people.

“We have a profound respect for the traditional ways that the original people dance and perform their dances, the steps and the costumes,” says Lozano. “We enhance them so they can be more spectacular for the performances, but we take serious care of the authenticity.”

Ballet Folclórico Nacional de México has performed in over fifty countries and five continents, receiving numerous awards and prizes, as well as being designated an Ambassador of Mexican Culture.

Enjoy the beautiful sounds, exquisite costuming and lively dancing that will leave audiences ready to visit Mexico when Ballet Folclórico Nacional de México performs at The Lincoln Center on February 9. Seats from $15 at LCtix.com.

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