Cue the Lights for a Comedy Kick-Off

By The Lincoln Center

Cue the Lights for a Comedy Kick-Off

It’s been over a year and a half since The Lincoln Center has been able to present a full season of shows. Now, as The LC readies to kick off the 2021–22 season on October 16 with The Daily Show Writers Comedy Tour, the anticipation of having the halls abuzz again with uproarious laughter is almost unbearable. And that excitement definitely isn’t one-sided. 

“Audiences are looking forward to going out more than ever,” says Kat Radley, one of four featured comedians set to take the stage. “I think people are just excited to be out in the world again, especially being in a place where they can laugh and be encouraged to laugh.”

Joined by fellow The Daily Show writers and stand-up comedians Joe Opio, Randall Otis and Matt Koff, The Daily Show Writers Comedy Tour delivers a diversity of talent and comedic viewpoints.

“We come from really different perspectives and backgrounds,” says Radley, “so our jokes all tend to be really different. We do talk about our life experiences and we craft our jokes based on our view of the world. I think audiences really appreciate that because they get to see four really different and distinct comics in one show.”

“I think that’s something pretty unique about the tour, especially when you hear our more personal jokes that we don’t get an opportunity to tell on The Daily Show.”

And what of Radley’s sense of humor? She describes it as a little edgy, but also kind of welcoming. “I hope I can make audiences feel comfortable while I’m on stage.” 

Whether making fun of their own failed dating lives, living life as cat owners, or poking fun at current politics, these Emmy-nominated writers promise to deliver the same laughs that have made The Daily Show the longest-running program in Comedy Central history. 

One might wonder, with the cancellation of performances all over the world and the absence of audiences from late-night shows, what toll the pandemic has taken on comedy. Unsurprisingly, things have changed. At The Daily Show, the jokes are presented at a much “faster pace” to repurpose the time typically anticipated for live-audience laughter.

“I feel like we’re still experiencing what comedy is becoming and what it will become,” says Radley. “I think the pandemic has given comics and audiences alike more appreciation for comedy because we went a while without it. I think we realize how important comedy is for our health and happiness.”

Don’t miss the chance to see four brilliant comedians at The Daily Show Writers Comedy Tour on October 16 as The Lincoln Center kicks off its first show of the new season. Tickets are on sale now with seats starting at $15 at

This show may contain mature content and/or language. 


Craig Oct 19, 2021 08:45 AM
My wife and I moved to the Ft Collins area in January 2021. How delighted we were to discover a facility/venue and team like the Lincoln Center. After reading through most of the upcoming shows it was clear that there was a bevy of talent, class, quality and enrichment upcoming. So like many we felt like it was time for some laughs and signed up for the Daily show writers. Between the Lincoln Center reputation and what we had seen with Trevor Noah and others we felt like this would be well written and generally pretty respectable. What a huge disappointment. Not only was it not overly funny but the continual dropping of the f-bomb and the outright filth of the jokes was appalling. Doesn't the Lincoln staff review or vet these types of acts? It was embarrassing and definitely tainted the Center's reputation. Most of the attendees were in my age bracket and I saw little real laughing and lots o faces with the look of WHY THIS. You guys took a major step backwards with this low level of "comedy".
    Taylor Roberts Oct 22, 2021 09:29 AM
    Thank you for taking the time to reach out and give us valuable feedback. We’re thrilled to hear that you have discovered The Lincoln Center after recently moving to the area. Additionally, we’re equally sorry to hear that you didn’t personally enjoy this particular show. Although we cannot predict and do not censor the content of any of the artists appearing on our stage, we do take measures to caution guests about content with mature content and/or language warnings both in our brochures and on our website. These mature content warnings were in place for this particular show. However, as a presenter of the arts, we also totally understand that even with content warnings in place, not every performer is going to be every guest’s cup of tea. The Lincoln Center staff continues to strive towards booking a wide variety of artists and in doing so, we sincerely hope your next experience will be more enjoyable. Thanks again for your feedback and for allowing our team the opportunity to address your concerns.

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