Contemporary Collage in the Gallery

By The Lincoln Center

Contemporary Collage in the Gallery

Stop by the Lincoln Center Gallery now through January 6 to see the new exhibition, Contemporary Collage. This exhibit showcases work by six artists from around the country, each exploring different collage techniques. By cutting and pasting photographs, prints, and other types of paper, these artists combine the composite parts to construct new and exciting images.

Some artists, like Cecelia Feld, solely focus on the texture, color, and line. She creates these by joining and overlapping cutouts from her photographs, prints, and found maps.

Others, such as E.K. Wimmer, tell a specific story. By recycling the images from early 19th century encyclopedias, Wimmer provides a visual revisionist history, critiquing how history has been represented in the past.

Ashley Nason uses ample negative space, pulling the viewer in for a closer look. From a distance, what appears to be an abstract collage clearly becomes cutouts of cabinets from an Ikea catalog upon closer inspection.

Painting directly onto his collage, Christian Duran uses textured paper and organic shapes to produce large-scale representations of coral reefs.

Christian Duran, 2016,"Reef Chronicle, Purulent Exudate."
Christian Duran, 2016,”Reef Chronicle, Purulent Exudate.”


H. Jennings Sheffield employs a digital collage technique, using dozens of small photographs supplied by a group of strangers and combines them together to create a collective image.

Lastly, Amelia Furman manipulates historical documents and layers them under her landscape paintings to show the connection between place and object.

From digital collage to photomontage, Contemporary Collage highlights the various ways artists choose to incorporate 2D assemblage into the artistic process.

Always free.

Tuesdays-Saturdays | 12-6 p.m.
(Galleries are also open most evenings during performances.)

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