Committed to Your Health & Safety

By Rachael Russell

Committed to Your Health & Safety

With COVID-19 restrictions decreasing across Colorado, The Lincoln Center’s event and performance capacities are increasing and our hallways are springing back to life. We are eager to get back to hosting events but we recognize some of our community members may not be ready to come back as it may feel unfamiliar venturing out into the world after a year or more of isolation.

We understand and we are here to assure you that our commitment to health and safety still stands strong. We follow state, county, and CDC guidelines closely and we go above and beyond what is required to ensure that our staff and patrons can participate in our event operations comfortably. Outlined below are the steps The Lincoln Center is taking as we reopen to the community and maintain the safety and cleanliness of our facility:


The Lincoln Center utilizes Protexus electrostatic sprayers for effective and efficient sanitization of our venue. Electrostatic sprayer technology delivers disinfectant with a positive charge, which allows it to fully coat and wrap around surfaces. We sanitize using this equipment in all of our event spaces multiple times per day, between groups, and on high-touch areas. Further, staying true to our commitment to sustainability, this method of cleaning is safe for the environment.

Air Exchange

In addition to frequent sanitization, we have increased the frequency of which our HVAC system exchanges air inside the venue with fresh outside air. That exchange now occurs every 10 minutes. This measure limits the amount of time patrons are exposed to shared air, thus decreasing the likelihood of passing respiratory particles between parties.


Physical distancing has been deemed an important preventative aspect of COVID spread by the CDC. When seating events in our conference spaces and selling tickets for our theaters, we allow up to ten patrons to sit together in self-selected parties. We then ensure that each party is seated at least six feet from other parties, per Larimer County guidance. This method of seating allows our patrons to sit with friends and family while keeping a safe distance from others.

Additional Measures

There are a few other things patrons can expect to see when visiting our venue. Touchless hand sanitizer stations have been positioned at all entrances/exits and high-traffic areas throughout our venue. Additionally, we have implemented the use of brand new, touchless ticket scanners which help us maintain a limited-touch environment. Also, masks are still required to be worn by patrons and staff in all of our spaces which helps to minimize the exchange of respiratory droplets when talking, coughing, or sneezing. And the list goes on and on. Rest assured, we are doing important work and keeping patrons safe.

Although we are still masking our mouths and noses, we can’t mask our excitement to have our community members return to our venue! Whenever you are ready, we are here to provide a safe and health-conscious event experience.


James May 5, 2021 10:50 AM
Thanks for the update, looking forward to seeing some of the events this year.
Doug May 5, 2021 12:20 PM
What you are doing and how you are communicating is awesome! I look forward to being in the building soon! All the best, Doug
Miriam May 5, 2021 14:28 PM
Looking forward to attending events again!
Linda May 5, 2021 14:34 PM
Can't wait!

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