British Blokes, Ballads and Brews

By Taylor Roberts

British Blokes, Ballads and Brews

It’s a party! It’s a concert! It’s a pint-filled good time when The Choir of Man hits The Lincoln Center stage on February 23. Known across the globe as “the ultimate feel-good show,” The Choir of Man offers up a night filled with spirited harmonies, high-energy dance and live percussion all set in a working pub.

Debuting at Edinburgh Fringe Festival (the largest arts festival in the world) in 2017, The Choir of Man has had such phenomenal success it has gone on to tour Australia and the USA. It even returned to excited fans at the Fringe Festival in 2018.

“Fort Collins can look forward to an unforgettable night of unadulterated entertainment,” says Johnny Sheehy, the “Casanova” character of The Choir of Man crew. “And if you get there early, you can come up on stage with us to have a pint and a chat with nine handsome blokes.”

The multi-talented cast of “nine handsome blokes” sings everything from sing-along classics to opera, rock, pop and more. The cast features world-class tap dancers, tumblers, singers and instrumentalists, ensuring that there is something for everyone in this joyous and uplifting show.

Sheehy explains that The Choir of Man is about community and friendship, and a way to “pay homage to community spaces like the local pub where people come to ‘simply be, in simple company.'”

“We’re like a family, just like in the show we all have our familial roles to play on the tour,” says Sheehy. “Throughout the show we aim to show that men can be both strong and sensitive, and this pub is a sanctuary where we get to express that through music and song.”

Unlike most shows, The Choir of Man aims to be up close and personal. “People leave the show feeling like they have been right there in the pub with us and have nine new friends,” says Sheehy.

And you know you’re in for a rousing good time when Sheehy describes The Choir of Man as “a Desperados, a fun-filled beer with a kick of tequila and a zesty aftertaste.”

Come drink in the action with The Choir of Man on February 23rd! Seats from $15 at

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