Breaking Ballet’s Boundaries

By Cassidy Roscoe

Breaking Ballet’s Boundaries

From its diversity in choreography to its inventive use of media, Aspen Santa Fe Ballet promises an evening of powerful dance on March 5 at The Lincoln Center.

Founded in 1996, with early support from artists Moses Pendleton (MOMIX) and Dwight Rhoden (COMPLEXIONS), Aspen Santa Fe Ballet quickly made a name for themselves by embracing the varied dimensions of multiple art forms. Through this, their success allowed them to expand their home base from Aspen, Colorado to Sante Fe, New Mexico. Their following in both states is a testament to their level of performance and influence in the field of dance. The distinguishing factors of multimedia art and superb dancers make their performances unlike any other.

“The diversity of work that we do means we need to be super versatile as dancers,” says ASFB dancer Anthony Tiedeman. “It’s refreshing that every piece is different and there is something that caters to everyone.”

Bending the perspective of dance allows ASFB to put on a performance that breaks ballets boundaries. Props, lighting, and music are all used to create imaginative pieces like the mystifying dance Dream Play. This piece leaves the audience questioning if they are awake or in a fantasy as dancers master the illusion of flying using only their bodies and a projector.

“We love having Dream Play as part of our repertoire because it brings a different aspect into our shows,” says Tiedeman. “We are very different from other dance companies in the things we do and that’s one of my favorite things about us.”

“There is an entire set of props and the video projection. Everything is set to the beat and there is a lot that can go wrong,” says Tiedeman. “This makes us stay very alert and active so we are able to improvise if things don’t go as planned.”

ASFB has carved a reputation as a “dance-lover’s dance company” by fostering a new breed of exceptional dancers and cultivating choreographic talent resulting in innovative and sensational performances that also allow for dancers to connect with the audience.

“This show is special because it gives everyone in the audience a chance to connect with a specific dancer,” says Tiedeman. “There are a lot of moments in the performance where we get to show who we are and the diversity of the company.”

Experience the company that epitomizes the contemporary-classical genre. Seats from $15 at

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