Art in Public Places Celebrates the Addition of 60 New Art Projects in 2020!

By The Lincoln Center

Art in Public Places Celebrates the Addition of 60 New Art Projects in 2020!

The City of Fort Collins Art in Public Places Program (APP) completed over 50 murals throughout Fort Collins. APP hired local artists to create murals on transformer cabinets, pianos, concrete barriers, and walls that inspire the community and kept us connected.

Andy Dufford and Chevo Studios installed In Praise of the Poudre at the northwest corner of Willow and Linden Streets as part of the Willow Streetscape Project. Four hand-carved granite columns feature carvings of the plants, animals, insects, and landforms found around, within, and below the Cache la Poudre River. Each column has an illuminated surface that evokes reflections on the surface of water.

Joe McGrane added five complementary concrete and mosaic benches to his Butterfly Bouquet decorative sculpture located at the Butterfly Pavilion at the Gardens on Spring Creek. The bench mosaics depict native wildflowers and are placed inside the Gardens, near the visitors’ center.

Thanks to the support of the Poudre Heritage Alliance, Downtown Development Authority and other community donors, John Davis installed in the Heritage Gateway sculpture along the Poudre Trail in the Poudre River Whitewater Park. It teaches visitors about the history and importance of the Cache la Poudre River, and its impacts on agriculture, industry and recreation in Fort Collins.

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