A Spring in Your Step

By Cassidy Roscoe

A Spring in Your Step

The Lincoln Center has a secret under its floorboards. It’s not a diary or a treasure map, but a top-of-the-line sprung floor system, which is more important to the shows you enjoy at The Lincoln Center than you might think!

While most hardwood floors are only lined will a small layer of insulation, sprung floors have an intricate system of foam and air that are designed to bring just the right amount of bounce and resistance. Sprung floors are pivotal for dance performances. They absorb shocks and give the floor a softer feel. This allows the performers to jump higher and be bolder while minimizing injury risk.

Dancers often do repetitive movement—whether it be jumping or tumbling. Over time, these movements have a great deal of wear and tear on the body. Sprung floors help create a safer and more comfortable surface for the dancers.

The Lincoln Centers stage is bound to put a spring in your step with its commitment to having the very best floors for its performers. Come see why dancers from all over our community and the world choose our stage to dance on!


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