A Green Partnership Lights Up The Lincoln Center

By Alison Baumgartner

A Green Partnership Lights Up The Lincoln Center

Do you love seeing the twinkling lights during the holidays at The Lincoln Center? They’re all thanks to SavATree!

The Lincoln Center was one of the first performance venues in the nation to hold a LEED Gold certification, which stands as a global symbol of our sustainability achievement and leadership. “Here at The Lincoln Center, we are committed to being green. That makes working with SavATree was a natural partnership,” says Jack Rogers, Director of The Lincoln Center.

SavATree’s environmentally sensitive approach to tree and lawn services, along with their willingness to adopt LED lighting technologies, make them great partners to share in The Lincoln Centers’ commitment to sustainability.

SavATree starts from the ground up, ensuring that every one of their arborists and field specialists are trained in sustainability. SavATree was also an early adopter of low impact, organic strategies for lawn and plant nutrition, and have been on the front lines in the battle against invasive insects. Beyond that, they work to lessen their carbon footprint by using electric equipment and utilizing specialized GPS technology that creates the most efficient routes for their vehicles.

For more on their philosophy and approach, please visit SavATree’s website at www.savatree.com/cornerstones-of-sustainability.html.

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