A Bona Fide Member of the Country Club

By Alison Baumgartner

A Bona Fide Member of the Country Club

Like his first hit song, “Country Club” will tell you, Travis Tritt is a lifelong member of the country music club. Having taught himself how to play the guitar when he was eight, and after working his way through the Atlanta bar scene, his dedication to the craft is just one of the reasons fans love his infectious and earnest music.

“I don’t sound like any other artist,” Tritt said. “When I first started, as soon as you heard my voice on the radio you noticed me immediately. The same was true for other artists at the time: Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson and Clint Black who came out at the same time. We all sounded very different. It is still easy to recognize our music and that has kept us very vital over the years.”

This is probably why, even 25 years later, Tritt is still making waves in the country music scene. But that doesn’t mean that he’ll just be performing his new music. He will be playing all the classics that everyone loves, like “Anymore,” “Here’s a Quarter,” and “Best of Intentions” at the Lincoln Center.

According to Tritt, it doesn’t matter how many times he plays a song, it’s always a new experience for him and the audience.

“I have done songs thousands of times over and over and what makes it new is the response of the audience every night,” Tritt said. “When you go on stage and perform the songs in front of your fans it is really special. The new audience makes it unique every night and special.”

Travis Tritt hits the Lincoln Center stage April 23, 2017. Tickets start at $20.

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