During Intermission // Don’t Strauss, Relax with this Liszt

Our During Intermission blog series is dedicated to helping you get your arts fix as LC LIVE gets ready for the next act! We’ll be Bach before you know it with shows that explore and expand the classical genre in our 20/21 Classical Convergence Series, but in the meantime, enjoy this classical content with a twist!

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Mix up your streaming and relax with these 6 Classical Music Live Streaming Experiences To Ease Quarantine Anxiety

For a weekly update on what to stream, check out this list of classical music and opera to stream at home

Social distancing hasn’t stopped these musicians! Watch these choirs and orchestras perform powerful at-home concerts!

Want to snuggle up with a good book about your favorite music genre? Try these 9 Nonfiction Books For Lovers of Classical Music

Rather listen to deep dives and unique thoughts on the genre, you’ll want to check out Playbill’s Must-Listen Podcasts for Opera and Classical Music Fans

For more podcasts, check out this list: Top 7 classical music podcasts to add to your playlist

And direct from our backdoor, CPR’s Centennial Sounds and The Great Composers

Want to hear what The New York Times reviewers say are The 25 Best Classical Music Tracks of 2019? Give the list a listen!

For more music and artists that push the boundaries of the classical canon, check out these Spotify playlists:

Not Quite Classical
The composers and musicians bending genres, redefining rules, and bringing classical music into the 21st century.

Classical X
50 best tracks from genre-bending musicians that incorporate tradition into their own music languages.

Bach Switched-On
A kaleidoscopic collection of Bach arranged and played by bluegrass, jazz, world fusion, and electronic artists in their own styles; transcriptions for classical chamber ensembles; and piano improvisations on Bach’s works.

Avant-garde 50: Spotify Picks
Contemporary classics that provoke and challenge your perception of music.

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During Intermission // Imagination Station

Keep the kiddos’ creative juices flowing while you wait for all the family fun coming to our 20/21 Imagination Series!

Our During Intermission blog series is dedicated to helping you get your arts fix as LC LIVE gets ready for the next act! From great family shows to activities you can do at home, we’ve got everything your little ones need to stay entertained!

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Disney Theatrical Productions is offering free downloadable activities for kids of all ages from beloved shows like The Lion King, Frozen, Mary Poppins and Aladdin! Activities include costume mask-making, script-writing exercises and many more. Other available resources include podcasts, behind-the-scenes videos and mini-documentaries.

Ready to mix up your family’s streaming? Try these fun streams with an educational twist: The Best Streaming Content to Keep Kids Entertained!

Our friends at the Fort Collins Museums of Discovery have tons of great activities for you to do from home with their Discover Daily Series. Check out their blog for all the fun!


Enjoy children’s books read by stars like Reese Witherspoon, Jimmy Fallon, Camila Cabello and many more on the Save With Stories Instagram, created to benefit Save the Children and No Kid Hungry.


Every Thursday, the little ones can enjoy a bedtime story with Goodnight with Dolly a web series featuring Dolly Parton reading Imagination Library books!


Join Latin Grammy nominee, Sonia De Los Santos from home with En Casa con Sonia! Sing along to her beloved songs, learn about the stories that inspire her music, and get to know the work of some of her favorite artists.


Grammy-nominated children’s musician Justin Roberts is holding daily Facebook Live concerts for his fans, taking requests, and sharing his fans’ artwork. He has created a “Stuck at Home” page on his website with printable activities and artwork.


Adventure Downunder for musical merriment with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra’s Jams for Juniors Online! Shake, make and create music with the MSO.


Get creative with classical music with the BBC’s Ten Pieces at Home program! The weekly activities include a Ten Pieces film to watch and enjoy, and a linked creative activity that can be completed by children at home without any special materials or preparation. A perfect, simple and easy way to keep listening, enjoying and creating music!


Imagine new worlds with these 20 amazing virtual field trips to aquariums, museums and Mars!

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During Intermission // Without Dance, What’s the Pointe?

Get inspired to practice your pirouettes and pas de bourrées in preparation for our 20/21 Dance Series!

Our During Intermission blog series is dedicated to helping you get your arts fix as LC LIVE gets ready for the next act! From ballet performances to contemporary dance classes and more, there’s something for every dance lover to enjoy!

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Stop exhausting your Netflix! Here are the best ballet and dance performances to stream during quarantine!

Including major companies and independent makers from around the world, check out this collection of clips and livestreams: The Dance Performances That Have Gone Online

If that’s not enough dance for you, try these 12 Places to Watch Dance Online!

Love our Showstoppers and Dance Series? Then you’ll love these 45 Dance Heavy Musicals That Have Chasséd Their Way to Broadway!

Or, maybe you’re in a  movie mood. Make your way through The 26 Best Dance Movies of All Time!

Inspired by what you watched and want to get moving? Here’s Where You Can Train Online

Need more dance classes? Check out these 8 places to keep you moving through quarantine (online)!

Want to see how a professional ballet company continues to practice while also getting some steps in? Watch the San Francisco Ballet Company Class Live Stream!

Or maybe, you want to have a relaxing night on the couch. Try these 9 books about dance that will change how you see the art form.


And here are a few more recommended by Dance Magazine: 6 New Dance Books for Your “To Read” List, Penned by the Likes of Jerome Robbins and Twyla Tharp

Rather listen than read? Try Dance Magazine’s  Top 3 Dance Podcast Picks

For a few more options that include dance history and deep dives into specific styles, here are 8 dance podcasts that you can stream now!

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During Intermission // No Stopping a Showstopper

We can’t wait to see the bright lights of Broadway shining down on our stage during our 20/21 Showstoppers Series!

Our During Intermission blog series is dedicated to helping you get your arts fix as LC LIVE gets ready for the next act! While we countdown to curtain, enjoy these dazzling distractions from Broadway favorites to stage play classics and more!

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We’ve got the next best thing to seeing a Showstoppers show live on stage with so many options to stream:

15 Broadway Plays and Musicals You Can Watch On Stage From Home

If that’s not enough, how about 26 More On Stage Plays and Musicals To Watch From Your Couch?

So you’ve watched the musicals, but wonder how they were made. Here are 18 Must Watch Documentaries for Broadway Musical Fans!

Or, if you’re in the mood for classics from the movies, you can check out 47 Classic Movie Musicals to Watch While Quarantined.

Too old school for you? Why not try 27 Modern Movie Musicals to Watch While Quarantined?

You can also watch a different Andrew Lloyd Webber show beginning every Friday for 48 hours only on The Shows Must Go On! YouTube channel!

Musicals are great but they are only about two hours long. If you want a story that keeps on going and music that won’t stop (at least for several episodes), why not try 11 Musical TV Shows to Binge While Self-Quarantines During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

Haven’t got your fix yet? Get ready for some Audible Theater! Some books are free to enjoy for a limited time.

Podcasts also offer a great way to go behind-the-scenes or enjoy theatre! Check out this list for what to stream next: 
6 Podcasts for the Theater Buff

From the bright lights of Broadway to streaming over the airwaves, Showstoppers meets Laugh Riot when John Mulaney and Nick Kroll reprise their iconic roles from Oh, Hello on Broadway for Oh, Hello: The P’dcast now streaming on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Or maybe listening to show tunes is more your thing. iHeartRadio has 24/7 streaming Broadway radio!

Maybe you just want to cuddle up on a couch and catch up on some reading. Explore these great reads:

Get a taste of what it’s like behind-the-scenes or learn how to be the next Broadway star with Broadway World’s Must Read Theater Books!

Looking for more to read? Check out these lists from Playbill:
35 Broadway Shows Based on Books

45 Books from 2019 for Theatrelovers

Still can’t get enough theatre? The 24 Hour Plays® bring together creative communities to produce plays and musicals that are written, rehearsed, and performed in 24 hours. Follow The 24 Hour Plays on Instagram or visit 24hourplays.com to see your favorite stage and film actors perform!


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A Note from The Lincoln Center Director, Jack A. Rogers

My Dear Friends,

If you know me, then you know that I believe in magic. I believe in magic because I have seen and felt it countless times in my life. I have seen magic pour forth from an artist’s vessel and magic in an epic tale woven together with master craftsmanship. Magic is watching people who might otherwise never meet sharing a laugh, or coming together as one to experience art and events. This magic has molded and changed my life. From weddings, quinceañeras and graduations to dance recitals, concerts and date nights, The Lincoln Center has made magic with you. Perhaps that is why these last few weeks have been so heartbreaking.

With our daily lives changing so rapidly, one thing will not change: our deep commitment to you and our community. That means meeting you where you’re at, even if it’s at home. We may be feeling isolated from one another during these trying times, but I know that the arts have the power to truly connect us all. That is why The Lincoln Center has produced a series of blogs called “During Intermission,” which will provide arts content that you can enjoy while you are at home. Isolation doesn’t mean we can’t connect, we just have to do it a little differently than we have before.

In the meantime, we, like all of you, are observing this strange new world around us and navigating these uncharted waters. When all of this subsides, the deep need for human connection will still abide. We will heal together with entertainment and inspiration. We are still booking the 20/21 season, and soon enough we will reopen our doors with joy for you to experience all of the magic our connection creates.

Please take care of yourself and your loved ones until we meet again,

Jack A. Rogers
Director, The Lincoln Center

Coping with Cancellations

It’s not easy to know what the next steps are when an important life event like your wedding is cancelled or postponed. Mass event cancellations in response to COVID-19 have been occurring daily for the past few weeks, leaving many people wondering what to do next. While it is important to remember that these current restrictions on large gatherings, as well as the closures of event venues, are in the interest of public health and safety, we here at The Lincoln Center know the reasoning doesn’t necessarily make it any easier to accept. Let our Conference Services Coordinator, Rachael Russell, share with you some ways to cope with wedding cancellations.

● ● ●

As an event professional, I am always prepared to deal with the unexpected. However, it is certainly heart-wrenching when I must have conversations with my clients explaining that their event, which has taken months or years of planning, must be postponed due to circumstances out of our control. I have been impressed with the patience, understanding, and flexibility my clients have exhibited in the face of these unprecedented times, despite their palpable disappointment. Their resilience has given me inspiration to write out some steps to take if your wedding gets canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s what I recommend:

Allow yourself to grieve.

Your wedding is an important day. You have created a clear vision of what the day will be like in your head, and now that vision is changing without warning. Your feelings of disappointment, anger, disillusionment, confusion, and frustration are all valid. Take adequate time to grieve the loss of your wedding date, then let those feelings go. Remember the core purpose of your wedding—to commit to a lifelong union with your partner—and then remind yourself that the core purpose will stay the same, no matter the date or time of year. 

Explore your options.

Although it may not feel like it, you do have options! Many venues, including The Lincoln Center, do not charge a fee for rescheduling, especially amid a global crisis. Rescheduling is the best option, as it will often result in the least amount of monetary loss. Ask your venue for potential postponement dates. Include your DJ, photographer, caterer, and other vendors in this conversation to ensure a seamless transition to a new date.

For some couples, the date they chose for their wedding is significant. It’s the day they met, the day their parents got married, or even the day an influential law was passed. To those couples I say: You can keep your wedding date! Many of my clients have changed the date of their receptions but have maintained the date of their ceremony. One couple that I spoke with recently commented, “We still plan to get married on our original date. Our family and friends will just have to wait for the party. It’ll be a funny story to tell later on.”

Consider a small vow exchange in the mountains with a few family members and close friends, or a simple license signing at your local courthouse. To include more people, livestream your ceremony to your extended family and friends on Facebook Live. Or, keep it private, then perform a vow renewal during your rescheduled wedding reception. The party may need to wait, but your marriage does not.

Unsure where to start? Click here to be directed to the Larimer County Civil Union and Marriage License website and get some questions answered.

Keep Planning!

Look to the future. In times like these, we all need something exciting to look forward to. At the very least, wedding planning can be a productive and welcome distraction from the current chaos around us.

Wedding trends differ from month-to-month, so it is a good idea to check out trends associated with your new wedding date. This exploration will help infuse new energy into your planning. Ask your coordinator or vendors for suggestions. They may even be able to provide photos from past events that occurred near your new wedding date.

Visit The Lincoln Center’s Wedding Inspiration Pinterest board for ideas organized by theme, season, and yearly trends.

Reach out for support.

You don’t have to tackle all of this uncertainty on your own. If you have a coordinator, reach out to them for suggestions, reassurance, and support. Talk with your vendors. Ask about your options.

As one of the Events Coordinators for The Lincoln Center, it is my priority to be there for my clients in times of stress and uncertainty, in addition to times of celebration and excitement. More than anyone, event professionals will understand your disappointment and stress over this situation. We are here for you.

Stay informed.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a rapidly evolving situation. Keep an eye on city, state, and federal announcements. Use informed judgment to make decisions that are best for you and your guests.

For the most accurate and up-to-date COVID-19 information, visit the Centers for Disease ControlColorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and Larimer County Health Department.

For information specific to The Lincoln Center, please visit: www.lctix.com/informational-update.php

We will get through this uncertain time together, and we will collectively celebrate once it is over. This is a time to practice patience, focus on the love that brought you and your partner together, and try to be excited about the happiness the future still holds. Personally, I look forward to the fabulous, and yes, minorly inconvenienced weddings, I know are still forthcoming.

Rachael Russell | The Lincoln Center, Conference Services Coordinator