An En-Lightning Experience!

What do you get when you bring together a rock band, robots, and Tesla coils? You get ArcAttack, one truly “electrifying” experience that will leave you and your family in awe.

When Nikola Tesla created his eponymous coils in 1891, he certainly did not foresee that one day they would become the lead instrument for the most dangerous rock band around today.

Though Tesla coils were originally envisioned as a tool to transfer electricity without crisscrossing the world with wires, most only know the coils as terrifying props in old science fiction movies. However, the creators of ArcAttack saw something else in the Tesla coil. They saw the future of music. By using pulse radio modulation, they made their Tesla coils sing.

With two custom-engineered, hand-built Tesla Coils, the Austin-based band throws out electrical arcs up to twelve feet long. Though this might make an ordinary man quiver in fear, ArcAttack likes to be right in the middle of it.  ArcAttack’s show is quite literally death-defying as they play guitars and keyboards alongside their trusty robot drummer, King Beat, while lightning surges around them.

This bold spectacle led them to become semi-finalists on America’s Got Talent. Click here to watch ArcAttack’s AGT quarter-final performance of Iron Man, about which judge Sharon Osbourne quipped, “The next time you do Iron Man, I know somebody who can sing it for you.”

But ArcAttack is more than just a rock concert. It’s also a science experiment and ArcAttack invites families and music fans alike to join them for a show that Wired Magazine insists “don’t pass … up!”

ArcAttack tickets go on sale August 8th.

Don’t want to wait? You can buy an Imagination Series Package, which includes ArcAttack and two other family-friendly shows, now—for an entire season full of great family entertainment.

Chairs and Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

After 40 amazing years, we’re replacing all the Performance Hall seats with new chairs, and we can’t wait to show them off.

Some big changes are coming along with these new seats. Here’s what you have to look forward to the next time you come to the Lincoln Center!

Seat Numbering

As we change our seats, the seat numbering is changing too. To make finding your seat easier, we are switching to arena-style nomenclature. What does that mean? It means that each seat has a unique, consecutive number based on its section location, so now finding your seat will be easier.  Click here to find detailed graphics of our new seating charts.



You’ve asked for it, and they’re finally here! You will now have a place to put your drink so you can enjoy the show without worrying about spilling it while you start to shimmy and sway to the music or pitch and yaw with laughter at our world-class comedians.



We want you to be comfortable and enjoy your show, so our new seats come with more padding—three inches of padding on the cushion, to be exact. You might even feel like you’re watching the show from the comfort of your own couch.


Transfer Chairs

It’s important that the arts are made accessible to everyone. That’s why we’ve added transfer chairs in the first row of the theater.  These new seats are made so that the armrests easily move up and out of the way, making it easier for someone to pivot into the seat. Now folks who have special seating needs will have more options on where to sit.


 Aisle Lighting

Not only will we be getting new lighting to mark the aisles, the new aisle lights will now indicate the row letters as well! No more wandering in the dark looking for your seat!


Light Locks

For the last 40 years, leaving the theater during a show through the doors located in the upper mezzanine has always caused a distraction, mainly due to the light flooding in when those doors are opened. Now we’ve installed light locks — which are essentially outer rooms with curtains — by the mezzanine doors upstairs. Now people will be able to come and go without distracting other audience members from the show.



Although it may not be immediately apparent, the concrete flooring under the seats has gotten an upgrade too. It will now be sealed and polished for easier cleanup.  And as all these upgrades are being made, the carpeting is also being replaced for a fresh new look.


Other Improvements

We’ve made other improvements as well, like adding underground trenches to run sound, lighting and other technical cables through, as well as adding black paint to areas near the stage to cut out visual distractions during the show.

Along with all of these important upgrades that will improve your experience at the Lincoln Center, we are raising $100,000 to help offset the costs of this greatly-needed project with a total cost coming in at over a half million dollars. You can help us by Taking Your Seat, and becoming a part of our future. When you Take Your Seat, we’ll personalize a seat plate with an inscription of your choice for placement on the new seats—so you can share your love for the arts with the world. To take part, click here!

Packages That’ll Please

The 2018-2019 season is here and we have packages to suit every taste whether you love musicals, dance performances, or the edgier side of performance art.

Even better, great perks are included with a package purchase. Folks who buy a package before August 8th get the bests seats — before tickets go on sale to the general public. Package purchasers also receive the lowest prices, free ticket exchanges, exclusive access to pre-sales for shows when they are announced, and they can add shows throughout the season at the discounted package price.

Check out all of our package options below to see if there’s one that fits you!



Direct from Broadway to Fort Collins – we’ll be showcasing four nationally touring companies to razzle-dazzle you with world-class Broadway-style this season. Get ready for the same Tony-award winning costumes, sets, and music that you would see in New York.


Anything Goes:

Our Anything Goes package is perfect for eclectic tastes. We’ve booked three shows this season that diverge from the mainstream, saving you money and introducing you to new art in the process.



It only takes one show to learn how emotionally powerful dance programs can be. This season we have three moving performances on tap. Whether you’re a dance enthusiast or you love new and unique experiences, you’ll revel in the art of movement with this package.


Imagination Series:

We are dedicated to providing fun, family entertainment at an affordable price. This three-show package introduces arts and culture to young audiences and is perfect for families who want a taste of live theater in a show that only runs about an hour.


Classical Convergence:

Our Classical Convergence package includes six shows. As the title suggests, the classical music genre converges with innovative, adventurous, boundary-breaking musical explorations. Along with string quartet and piano soloist performances, you’ll get other shows that think outside the classical music box.



Hey. Sometimes you want the freedom to choose. That’s why we have the Pick-5 package, which lets you choose the five or more shows you want to see for one great package price.

No matter what your entertainment style is, we’ve got the perfect package for you.