Pippin Dazzles with Cirque-like Charm

Pippin made its Broadway debut in 1972 with an original cast featuring stars like Ben Vereen. 45 years later, it’s among the longest running Broadway musicals, with a revival headed to the Lincoln Center April 27-29.

Pippin started as short original musical production created by Stephen Schwartz (composer of Wicked and Godspell), but Pippin didn’t take its first real steps into Broadway history until Bob Fosse (choreographer of Cabaret and Chicago) came on board and added a dark edginess to the story.

This coming-of-age tale is told as a play within a play. The story, narrated by the fourth-wall-breaking Leading Player, follows Pippin, a young prince searching for his purpose in life and longing to find passion and adventure.

Naysh Fox, who stars as the lead character Pippin in the nationally touring production, says people of all ages can relate to searching for fulfillment and the meaning of life in the same way Pippin does. “We all try to find the space where we fit in and what we’re meant to do and that’s why the show has been successful for so long” — it has a timeless message.

While the production has largely remained true to the classic, certain aspects of the show have been changed. The original production had no set and it was darker in feel. With the original choreography and songs left intact, this revival features a brightly colored set with actors and acrobats now placed in a cirque-like setting.

“What makes this production of Pippin different from any other production, or any other musical, is the circus element of the show with acrobats and dancers,” says Fox. “It really heightens the storyline and overall magic aspect of Pippin.

The acrobatic techniques were choreographed by Les 7 Doigts De La Main, a Canadian acrobatics troupe, and the show is peppered with knife-throwing, fire-juggling, hula-hooping and gravity-defying balancing acts.

When asked what audiences should expect, Naysh Fox says to “Come with an open mind and get ready for the circus.”

Tickets start at $20 at LCtix.com and performances are April 27-29 at 7:30 p.m. with a 2 p.m. matinee on April 29.

The Passion of Malambo

The Boston Globe calls Che Malambo “dance with a power and passion that builds into a kind of ecstasy,” and the Lincoln Center is proud to present a rare chance to see this Argentinian cultural treasure April 13, 2017.

Through dance and song, Che Malambo tells the story of the South American gaucho — a migratory horseman or cowboy that was adept in cattle work. The dancers invoke the spirit of the gaucho which is synonymous with being noble, brave and generous but also skillful in subtle tricks.

No one quite knows the origins of malambo, aside from it being a unique step-dance that started in the 1600s in the heart of the Argentinian ranch country.

“The essence of malambo is rhythm,” says Gille Brinas, the founder of Che Malambo. “It’s the rhythm of his horse galloping across the Argentine pampas. It’s the beat of his heart in sync with the gait of his steed. Rhythm is the essence of the solitary gaucho. A lonely cowboy. No wife. No family. Living his life as a nomad. No home but for the back of his horse. He may not be aware of the rhythm of his life, but these are his constant companions.”

After a day of riding, the gaucho would congregate in payadas (meeting places) where they would imitate the sound of galloping across the plains with the rhythmic dancing of malambo. Some say it was a contest between the gauchos to see who was the best dancer, and others say it was a way to seduce women. Whichever it was, it has grown over the centuries into two distinct forms that convey the spirit of Argentinian history.

The southern malambo reflects native dance that is considered to be softer and more mystical. Northern malambo is more brash, with its faster steps and strong strikes. Both will be on display at Che Malambo’s performance.

Experience the passion of Che Malambo April 13th at the Fort Collins Lincoln Center. Tickets start at $15.

A Bona Fide Member of the Country Club

Like his first hit song, “Country Club” will tell you, Travis Tritt is a lifelong member of the country music club. Having taught himself how to play the guitar when he was eight, and after working his way through the Atlanta bar scene, his dedication to the craft is just one of the reasons fans love his infectious and earnest music.

“I don’t sound like any other artist,” Tritt said. “When I first started, as soon as you heard my voice on the radio you noticed me immediately. The same was true for other artists at the time: Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson and Clint Black who came out at the same time. We all sounded very different. It is still easy to recognize our music and that has kept us very vital over the years.”

This is probably why, even 25 years later, Tritt is still making waves in the country music scene. But that doesn’t mean that he’ll just be performing his new music. He will be playing all the classics that everyone loves, like “Anymore,” “Here’s a Quarter,” and “Best of Intentions” at the Lincoln Center.

According to Tritt, it doesn’t matter how many times he plays a song, it’s always a new experience for him and the audience.

“I have done songs thousands of times over and over and what makes it new is the response of the audience every night,” Tritt said. “When you go on stage and perform the songs in front of your fans it is really special. The new audience makes it unique every night and special.”

Travis Tritt hits the Lincoln Center stage April 23, 2017. Tickets start at $20.

Leahy Family Captivates

Building on over three generations of Leahy musicianship, Doug Leahy, together with his wife Jennifer and their children, are keeping those traditions alive through music, song, and dance. And they’ll be doing that at the Lincoln Center on April 8th, 2017.

“This family brings pure joy!” said world-renowned fiddler, Nathalie McMaster. “With their amazing, natural talent and charming delivery, this up-tempo show will never be forgotten.”

Doug, as a member of the Canadian Celtic group “Leahy” and Jennifer, having played music throughout her life, both understand the joy and exhilaration only music can provide. It is no wonder then that their children understand innately that music will be a huge part of their lives. Even the smallest children feel the music pulsing through their veins. They are drawn to it. They are passionate about it.

Next Generation Leahy’s live performances are filled with the high-energy, infectious Celtic-based music people associate with the Leahy heritage. Fiddle, cello, French accordion, singing, piano, and French-Canadian step-dancing all find a voice on stage. And the children, so in love with what they are doing, enamor audiences who don’t want the show to end.

Whether sharing the stage with Irish legends The Chieftains, The Tenors or Natalie MacMaster, performing at iconic summer festivals like Mariposa and Milwaukee Irish Fest, one thing about The Next Generation Leahy is certain: the music emanating from these children is other-worldly, it is talent beyond their years, it is joyful and unique.

This rare talent in children so young is an inspiration to other children and families alike, showing just what young people are capable of. The joy of music is meant for all and Doug and his family are set on sharing that joy with each and every audience.

Experience their passion April 8, 2017, at 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. at the Lincoln Center.

The Lincoln Center Wedding Show Is Coming Up!

Every year, the Lincoln Center hosts some of the most beautiful weddings you can experience in Northern Colorado. As such, we are excited to be bringing back our popular wedding show back this year on April 9th, 2017!

To make sure your wedding is everything you want to be, we have collected the best vendors around Northern Colorado to fulfill your catering, music, floral, and venue needs! You can check out some of the great vendors here:


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Clint Black is Back

Clint Black returns to the Lincoln Center on March 24th. The country megastar will be playing songs from his newest album On Purpose as well as all the hits you know and love.

When Black released On Purpose, his first full-length album of new songs in a decade, he did it on his own terms. During Black’s hiatus, he was courted by many major recording labels. All of them wanted him to sing songs by other writers, but Black insisted on writing and producing his own music.

“I really don’t want to conform to what other people think I should be doing with my music,” says the award-winning singer-songwriter. “Instead, I’ll take my chances just being me.”

On Purpose compiles a strikingly diverse group of his self-produced songs. His ballads “Only One Way to Live,” “Stay Gone,” “Breathing Air” and “The Last Day” have never cut deeper. His spirited “Beer” and “Better and Worse” are among the most upbeat songs he has ever crafted, and the lilting “You Still Get to Me” marks Black’s third duet with his wife, actress Lisa Hartman Black.

These new songs continue Black’s stellar career. To date, Black has sold more than 20 million albums worldwide and has 31 top-10 hits and 22 number-one smashes. Recordings such as “A Better Man,” “Killin’ Time,” “Like the Rain”, “When I Said I Do” and “Nothin’ But the Taillights” have led to honors from the Country Music Association, The Academy of Country Music, The Grammys, and the American Music Awards, as well as membership in the cast of the Grand Ole Opry.

Clint Black performs March 24 at 8p.m. Regular seats starting at $39. Come “Cowboy Up” with drink specials and boot-tappin’ tunes beginning in the lobby at 7:00 p.m.

Making Arts Education a Reality

What happens when you combine history and science with puppets? How about fractions and geometry with hip hop dance?  What happens when you combine professional artists, excited students, caring teachers, enthusiastic administrators, and generous donors?

You get compelling, exciting, fun, interesting, and meaningful arts education presentations provided by the Lincoln Center Support League –  that’s what!

Presentations such as the amazing Dinosaur Zoo Live performance where dinosaurs were brought to life by a team of skilled performers and puppeteers, and designed with the help of professional paleontologists. On October 28, 2016, the Support League hosted over 2,000 2nd and 3rd grade students from Bacon, Bauder, Beattie, Bennett, Bethke, Cache La Poudre, Dunn, Eyestone, Harris, Irish, Laurel, Linton, Lopez, McGraw, Olander, O’Dea, Putnam, Rice, Tavelli, Zach Elementary Schools at the Lincoln Center. Teachers exclaimed, “My students loved it” and “They said it was the best day of school ever!”


On February 23 and 24, Illstyle and Peace Productions, a hip hop dance group that spreads positive messages, presented “No Bullying, Stop Bullying and Let’s Be Friends” at  Irish Elementary and “Hip Hop Added Up: Putting Your Education First and Getting Focused on Math” at Putnam Elementary School. The group used impressive hip hop dances to integrate and emphasize the importance of education, self-esteem, and consideration of others. Shortly after, the group taught highly energetic and inspiring dance classes to non-dance students and dance majors at Colorado State University. In all, they touched well over 1,000 local students in just two days.

In April, the Support League will invite over 1,100 students from area middle schools to a Lincoln Center performance of Che Malambo. Area 8th grade students will have to opportunity to witness this Argentine dance company’s thrilling, rhythmic stomping, drumming and song spectacle celebrating the traditions of the South American gaucho.

Every season, the Lincoln Center Support League works in partnership with the Lincoln Center and Poudre School District to sponsor school field trips to the Lincoln Center as well as presenting guest artist performances at local schools. This season, the Support League makes arts education a reality thanks to a grant from the Nordson Corporation Foundation along with generous donations from supporters through Colorado Gives Day. Thank you to everyone who has given.

The Lincoln Center Support League is currently seeking new members to serve as officers and volunteer fundraisers for these important and meaningful outreach efforts. If you are interested, please email the Support League at lincolncenters@yahoo.com.