Fort Collins, Colorado

The Fourth Wall

Unleash the Party Goblin with Iliza Shlesinger' JUNK

Unleash the Party Goblin with Iliza Shlesinger

Comedian Iliza Shlesinger, youngest winner of NBC’s Last Comic Standing, will perform at the Fort Collins Lincoln Center March 17. We got the scoop on what to expect and her advice on how to responsibly release your inner party goblin — the subconscious creature from her famous bit. Your show is on St. Patrick’s Day […]

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Mix It Up with SHUFFLE' JUNK

Mix It Up with SHUFFLE

Music fans know what it’s like to hit shuffle on their iPods. For one song, it’s ’80s pop, the next is Mozart, followed by a little bit a folk, and then mathcore. It confuses friends because they can’t figure out exactly what genre of music you like. Frankly, not even you are sure what kind […]

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Christopher Cross Sails into Fort Collins' JUNK

Christopher Cross Sails into Fort Collins

What can audiences expect when they see five-time Grammy Award-winner, Christopher Cross? “To be amazed,” says Cross, who prefers to play more intimate venues like the Lincoln Center on February 23. One of the most successful adult contemporary artists of all time, Cross garnered wide acclaim in the 80’s. He won prestigious Grammy Awards including Record of […]

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Voyage to the Heart of Celtic Culture' JUNK

Voyage to the Heart of Celtic Culture

In the mid-19th century, pushed by famine, taxes, persecution, and war, half of the population of Ireland ended up on the shores of foreign lands. Celtic Nights, the internationally-acclaimed group of Irish singers and dancers, venture to tell that story in Oceans of Hope. Established in 2012, Celtic Nights has traveled the world, sharing songs […]

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Free Mental Health Awareness Events' JUNK

Free Mental Health Awareness Events

There will be numerous mental health awareness events happening at the Lincoln Center in conjunction with PostSecret: The Show.  (Find out more about the PostSecret project.) We encourage everyone to attend these free and valuable presentations. Tuesday, February 6 | 7-8 p.m. | Lincoln Center Magnolia Theatre – Presentation on depression and anxiety with hands-on strategies for […]

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The Power of Sharing Secrets' JUNK

The Power of Sharing Secrets

For more than 12 years, people from all over the world have been sending their anonymous secrets to a mailbox in Germantown, Maryland. Whether simply scribbled onto existing postcards or thoughtfully handcrafted with personal imagery, a handful of these secrets are shared with the world via the site every Sunday by the keeper of […]

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The LC’s New Year’s Resolutions' JUNK

The LC’s New Year’s Resolutions

It’s the New Year, and we at the LC are making our resolutions! What are yours? Mikala: I like to keep my New Year’s Resolutions simple, shallow, and highly attainable. In 2018, I resolve to learn 4 new ways to tie scarves. The year starts out with an easy victory, and I can check my […]

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Secrets Expressed Through Art' JUNK

Secrets Expressed Through Art

The Lincoln Center Art Gallery is excited to announce two new exhibitions opening on January 12, and on view through February 24. The first is PostSecret (read more about the PostSecret project here), held in conjunction with the upcoming performance of PostSecret: The Show. The second is Stigma Stains, an exhibition by local artist Jennifer Ivanovich who focuses on […]

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Think Green, Act Green' JUNK

Think Green, Act Green

The Lincoln Center (LC) underwent a massive retrofit and expansion in 2010/11. During the remodel, a green initiative was put in place ensuring the use of sustainable building practices. That initiative resulted in the LC becoming a LEED Gold certified building, which, at the time, was one of only three performance venues in the country to hold the […]

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Contemporary Collage in the Gallery' JUNK

Contemporary Collage in the Gallery

Stop by the Lincoln Center Gallery now through January 6 to see the new exhibition, Contemporary Collage. This exhibit showcases work by six artists from around the country, each exploring different collage techniques. By cutting and pasting photographs, prints, and other types of paper, these artists combine the composite parts to construct new and exciting […]

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