The Fourth Wall

A Razzle Dazzle Smash' JUNK

A Razzle Dazzle Smash

Prepare to be razzle-dazzled when the national tour of Chicago, the longest-running American Broadway musical, hits The Lincoln Center stage April 18–20. A brassy satire of celebrity culture, Chicago tells the story of Roxie Hart, a wannabe nightclub singer who gets a taste of fame after murdering her lover. Enter the circus that is 1920s […]

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Best Field Trip Ever!' JUNK

Best Field Trip Ever!

Remember when your favorite school days were field trips? And what better than a field to The Lincoln Center! During the 2018-2019 season, we connected 4,622 students and community members with world-class professional artists at eight different educational events. These included: Elementary, middle, and high school field trips to Lincoln Center presentations with ArcAttack, Journey […]

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Art Gallery: Base Layer' JUNK

Art Gallery: Base Layer

Join us for Base Layer now through May 18. Three Fort Collins artists, Mike McPuff, Jennie C. Milner, and Werner Schreiber, will paint large-scale murals ON the gallery walls. For the first portion of the exhibit, the artists will be working on site to paint their murals. Visitors are encouraged to stop by and see […]

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A Spring in Your Step' JUNK

A Spring in Your Step

The Lincoln Center has a secret under its floorboards. It’s not a diary or a treasure map, but a top-of-the-line sprung floor system, which is more important to the shows you enjoy at The Lincoln Center than you might think! While most hardwood floors are only lined will a small layer of insulation, sprung floors […]

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Nothing Rotten About Something Rotten!' JUNK

Nothing Rotten About Something Rotten!

Garnering 10 Tony nominations, there is nothing rotten about the Broadway smash hit Something Rotten! coming to The Lincoln Center March 28-30. Set in the height of Shakespeare’s fame, Something Rotten! follows brothers Nick and Nigel Bottom who are desperate to write the next big play. When a local soothsayer foretells that the future of […]

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‘Jones’ing for an Exclusive Concert?' JUNK

‘Jones’ing for an Exclusive Concert?

Known as a keyboard and electronica pioneer, Howard Jones brings an exclusive acoustic experience to The Lincoln Center on March 24. Howard Jones Acoustic Trio will feature Jones’ longtime friend, Nick Beggs (Kajagoogoo) on Chapman stick and Robin Boult (Fish) on acoustic guitar, delivering a fresh take on Jones’ best-known hits and more from his […]

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See The Illusionists Before They Disappear' JUNK

See The Illusionists Before They Disappear

What do you get when you put together six world-class magicians? A mind-blowing experience from The Illusionists that you don’t want to miss at The Lincoln Center April 9-10! Full of death-defying stunts, acts of breathtaking wonder and mischievous tricksters, The Illusionists Live from Broadway features the jaw-dropping talents of six of the most brilliant […]

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Escaping to the Symphony' JUNK

Escaping to the Symphony

During chemotherapy, Mary Hill watches a short virtual reality video that puts her in her favorite seat at a symphony – right next to the violinists — while her husband, John Hill, watches on a tablet. Photos by Joel Blocker, for UCHealth. UCHealth uses the power of technology to transform the patient experience. Mary Hill […]

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Finding Parking Just Got Easier' JUNK

Finding Parking Just Got Easier

We know finding parking prior to performances here at the Lincoln Center can be challenging but now finding parking just got easier in two ways. First, Blue Ocean Enterprises is once again partnering with the Lincoln Center to provide additional parking at 419 Canyon Avenue for patrons attending LC Live performances. These additional spaces are […]

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British Blokes, Ballads and Brews' JUNK

British Blokes, Ballads and Brews

It’s a party! It’s a concert! It’s a pint-filled good time when The Choir of Man hits The Lincoln Center stage on February 23. Known across the globe as “the ultimate feel-good show,” The Choir of Man offers up a night filled with spirited harmonies, high-energy dance and live percussion all set in a working […]

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