The Fourth Wall

Finding Parking Just Got Easier' JUNK

Finding Parking Just Got Easier

We know finding parking prior to performances here at the Lincoln Center can be challenging but now finding parking just got easier in two ways. First, Blue Ocean Enterprises is once again partnering with the Lincoln Center to provide additional parking at 419 Canyon Avenue for patrons attending LC Live performances. These additional spaces are […]

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British Blokes, Ballads and Brews' JUNK

British Blokes, Ballads and Brews

It’s a party! It’s a concert! It’s a pint-filled good time when The Choir of Man hits The Lincoln Center stage on February 23. Known across the globe as “the ultimate feel-good show,” The Choir of Man offers up a night filled with spirited harmonies, high-energy dance and live percussion all set in a working […]

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Breaking Ballet’s Boundaries' JUNK

Breaking Ballet’s Boundaries

From its diversity in choreography to its inventive use of media, Aspen Santa Fe Ballet promises an evening of powerful dance on March 5 at The Lincoln Center. Founded in 1996, with early support from artists Moses Pendleton (MOMIX) and Dwight Rhoden (COMPLEXIONS), Aspen Santa Fe Ballet quickly made a name for themselves by embracing […]

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Limitless Rhythmic Possibilities' JUNK

Limitless Rhythmic Possibilities

Known the world over for being the ambassadors of Japanese culture, the world’s premier traditional Japanese taiko drum performers, Kodo, comes to The Lincoln Center on February 17. Taiko drums have had a long history in Japan. They are used for theatre, music, religious ceremonies and festivals. In the 16th century, they were even used to communicate orders to armies […]

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Taking Heart Health Seriously In Young People' JUNK

Taking Heart Health Seriously In Young People

Twelve-year-old Amelia very likely could have been looking at emergency dialysis in her 20s. Because her chronic kidney disease was detected while she was still in middle school, Amelia has a fighting chance to keep her disease from progressing. “This program probably saved this young lady from showing up in an emergency room at age […]

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Ballet Keeps on Trockin’' JUNK

Ballet Keeps on Trockin’

Some people may not know what to expect when the all-male ballet company Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo chassés onto The Lincoln Center stage on January 24. Is it a comedy? Is it a traditional ballet? The answer – it’s both amazingly exquisite dance and it’s a rollickin’ fun time! Presenting playful yet reverent renditions of traditional, […]

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Mavis Staples: Music to Change the World' JUNK

Mavis Staples: Music to Change the World

Mavis Staples’ soul-stirring voice has been a part of the fabric of gospel, soul, blues, folk, pop, R&B, and rock music for more than 60 years. On January 20th, Staples’ legendary raw and rasping voice, which became an anthem for the civil rights movement, will fill The Lincoln Center Performance Hall. At 80 years old, the iconic […]

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Animaniacs: Zany to the Max' JUNK

Animaniacs: Zany to the Max

Get up close and personal with the “An-i-mane-ie” and “totally insane-ie” crew of Animaniacs in Concert when they play The Lincoln Center on February 8th! Performed by the original series composer Randy Rogel and accompanied by the voice talents of Rob Paulsen (Yakko), Jess Harnell (Wakko) and Maurice LaMarche (Brain from Pinky and the Brain), you […]

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The LC’s (Not So) Favorite Holiday Songs' JUNK

The LC’s (Not So) Favorite Holiday Songs

Here at the LC, we traditionally like to share our favorite holiday songs, but this year we thought it would be fun to mix it up by sharing some songs that skirt the edge of our naughty list. The LC loves the holiday season, but everyone can agree that there is at least one song […]

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Art to Experience' JUNK

Art to Experience

Sense of Place: Norma Alonzo, Ann Johnston, Meghan Wilbar opens December 14 and will be on view through January 26. For this exhibit, three artists, Norma Alonzo, Ann Johnston, and Meghan Wilbar, share their unique interpretations of the landscape around them. Norma Alonzo of Santa Fe, New Mexico, paints landscapes as an exploration and expression […]

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